The Life of Bruce Levenson


Bruce Levenson of is one of the most important NBA owners in the league today. Over ten years ago, he acquired one of the worst teams in the league with the Atlanta Hawks. He has been able to slowly turn around the franchise in a way that most people could not. There were some people that thought the Atlanta Hawks would eventually have to move cities due to their lack of fan support. At the end of the day, Bruce Levenson proved that he was one of the best owners in the league with the turn around of the Hawks. However, he also has other positive things going on in his life as well. Not only is he a successful business person, but he also spends a lot of time in the community of Atlanta helping those that are less fortunate than he is. Here are several things that anyone can learn from the turn around of the Atlanta Hawks by Bruce Levenson.

Stay Positive

Even when things looked bleak for his team, Bruce Levenson was always able to stay positive in the face of negative news. He knew that when he took over the Atlanta Hawks that it would be a difficult job in turning around the team. However, he knew that it was his job as owner to devote the appropriate amount of resources to building a great team and making the experience enjoyable for fans. There were times in the early years when it looked like his plan was not going to work. However, he always remained positive and kept fighting for the team that he believed in.

Change Takes Time

When Bruce Levenson took over the Atlanta Hawks they were one of the worst teams in the league. He knew that it was going to take several years before the Hawks were at the point that they could compete in the NBA. Any time there is a large amount of change that needs to take place it is going to take time. Anyone that is leading the change needs to make sure their time horizon is long enough that they can make it through the change with the results they need.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a great example of the positive impact that one person can make on a company or city. The fan support in Atlanta was at an all time low when he took over the Hawks. Over time he was able to increase this level of support by investing in the team and community. He is very active on several community service initiatives that help the inner city people that are living in poverty in Atlanta.

Organo Gold Brings The Power Of Chinese Medicine To The World

In the 21st century there has been a conscious movement away from the traditional medicine and remedies for ailments or simply for general good health, in favor of an investigation of the ancient powers of therapies and herbal extracts. One of the main areas where this has been true is in the growth and establishment of the Organo Gold gourmet coffee company, which began life as a small operation in Canada before moving into the world of multi level marketing and direct selling. Under the leadership of CEO Bernardo Chua the company has become one of the fastest growing multi level marketing businesses in the world and has pushed forward with vast expansion plans/

Bernardo Chua was already a successful businessperson in the Philippines when he made the daring decision to bring his latest venture to North America and established Organo Gold. A small coffee house in Rochmond, British Columbia was the first location for the range of coffee’s infused with the healthy Ganoderma extract that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. The speed with which the company has grown since Bernardo Chua oversaw the opening of the first coffee shop in 2008 has been staggering and has seen the CEO preside over the expansion of the direct selling network to over 30 countries by 2015. Alongside the popularity of the gourmet coffee range, Chua has also looked to incorporate new products that have included herbal extracts and inspirational literature for customers to his luxury goods line.

The Organo Gold range has become popular with many customers and direct selling representatives because of the inclusion of the Ganoderma extract that has been shown to have many positive effects on the human body. Organo Gold coffee is designed to be a good way to start the day as the range of coffee’s available provide antioxidant properties that are given by this mushroom based extract. In Chinese medicine the extract was often provided for those who have liver problems and has been shown in recent studies to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Marc Sparks Philanthropist, Author and Entrepreneur


Mark Sparks is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area. Mark is the man’s man of the entrepreneur world. He’s even been referred to as “the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.” Mark is the owner and founder as well as CEO of Timbercreek LP. This is just one of many different businesses that Mark has successfully operated an old. His interest in industries is focused mainly because in the telecommunication industry. Some of the entities that he has been involved with in the telecom industry have included Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom and Splash Media. Marc is also a philanthropist whose efforts was in the Dallas area I have included a homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, American Can Academy as well as the Samaritan Inn.
He is also the author of a book called They Can’t Eat You. This is a walk through his personal life and his steps to a successful entrepreneur that he is today. Timber Creek, which is a private equity firm main office, is in Dallas Texas. At Timber Creek, they provide customer service expertise office space web development merchant banking networking and much more with over 35 years of entrepreneurial success. In those 35 years, they have helped many different businesses all the way from them just being an ideal to them being a very successful business entity. In simple terms, venture capital is the amount of money provided to help a startup company emerge and grow within their industry. While Marc Sparks would love to help, every startup companies succeed with providing them the venture capital that they need there are some things specifically that he is looking for when he considers investing in these startups. Some of those specific items include data showing a success within your company, unique products and services as well as a concrete outline on how the funds provided are going to help your company succeed.