Why It Pays to Work with White Shark Media

White Shark Media is among the leading Digital Marketing Agencies known for delivering online marketing solutions that have been specifically tailored for medium and small sized businesses.

The Company has been acknowledged as among the fastest growing North American digital agencies. The growth has been the outcome of their reputation in terms of engineering and developing cost-effective Search Marketing campaigns while at the same time providing a customer experience that is world-class. Get more details here: http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

White Shark Media, which is a private company, has its Headquarters in Miami, FL.
It is registered under companies that have between 51 and 200 employees, with a revenue rating of $1 to $5 million per year.

Client Testimonials

This is a well-organized and strong company that is always brutally honest with its clients and employee’s guided by very good laws.

Thousands of small businesses have trusted and continue to trust White Shark Media

My White Shark Media experience has been really incredible. At all times, they respond to all my concerns very promptly and in a way that is very professional.” ~ Todd President Lacroix.

“Ever since I began dealing with White Shark Media, my business has experienced constant growth. They are very professional and I would personally recommend them 100%!” ~ Ynes O. (Florida Medical Service)

Working with them is comparable to having a small secret arsenal in your hands. These guys at White Shark Mediaare excellent in what they do!” ~ Mike J. (Georgia eCommerce Store). Learn more: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

Benefits of working at White Shark Media

The Company understands the effect of being dishonest, not setting unrealistic expectations or hiding the truth as this would negatively impact on their brand credibility.

That is why the benefits of working with White Shark Media are clearly stated. These include:

1. Insurance, Health & Wellness

Among the areas covered by White Shark Media include:

  • Health, Vision, Dental and Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Mental Health Care
  • Health Care On-Site
  • Dismemberment and Accidental Death Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Disability Insurance and Occupation Accident Insurance
  • Retiree Health & Medical
  1. Financial & Retirement

    The financial package includes:

  • Pension, Retirement and 401K Plans
  • Supplemental Workers’ Compensation
  • Equity Incentive Plan
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Stock Options and Performance Bonus
  • Charitable Gift Matching
  1. Family & Parenting

    For the family oriented workers, the package has:

  • Paternity and Maternity Leave
  • Fertility Assistance
  • Work From Home, Reduced or Flexible Hours
  • Child care, Dependent Care and Adoption Assistance
  • Military Leave and Family Medical Leave
  • Unpaid Extended Leave

Other key benefits include a broad range of vacation & time off, perks & discount as well as Professional Support.

White Shark Media is committed to the continued success of its clients. Being part of this strong team enables you to contribute towards innovative, cost-effective, and flat fee marketing solutions for clients.Employees have indicated that it is a great place to work and is very people oriented.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Releases Incredible Book

Yeonmi Park is slowly turning into a real life folk hero. The young woman is a defector out of North Korea who has become something of a rallying cry for those suffering from human rights violations. Growing up in the oppressive and mysterious country of North Korea, Park had to learn early on that her life was not her own and that ‘freedom’ was merely a concept reserved for people outside of her country’s borders. When Park turned 13 her father was pulled away to a labor camp, where he would die of untreated cancer, and she was summarily forced to flee the country with nobody but her mother in tow while trusting in a human smuggler. Now Park’s story can be read in its entirety thanks to her latest Amazon best-selling book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.”
North Korea has gained a global reputation as being a chaotic, crazy, and downright evil country thanks to the government and work of Pyongyang. It’s easy to forget that innocent people are trapped within the country though its residents, like Yeonmi, will surely never forget their captivity. If you were born in North Korea you were meant to die there which means that in order to leave you had to escape. Park fled the country but ended up in dire straits as she was sold into human trafficking for several years, losing much of her humanity along the way.

Eventually Park would escape her captivity and find her way to eventual freedom. Park’s speech went viral on YouTube after speaking at the One Young World Summit and now more people are anxious to hear what she has to say. Park is using her position to try and help those who are suffering from human rights violations while combating North Korea in a war of words.


Sanjay Shah and the Entrepreneurial Magic of Solo Capital

It is difficult for entering entrepreneurs to enter into the business market, a fact that makes starting points complicated and nerve wracking. Sanjay Shah, a burgeoning philanthropist from the United Arab Emirates, and founder of Autism Rocks, a successful charitable organization seeking to battle autism internationally, offers his advice to businessmen and women during an interview in a podcast network. The intention of the podcast was to inform listeners of Entrepreneur Podcast Network of an upcoming Autism Rocks Concert event, but he also includes some incredible suggestions and tips for entry level professionals as well.

Autism Rocks was originally created by Shah as an answer to autism, an issue that Shah faces himself since his own child battles against it every day. The idea for the charity came from the culmination of Shah’s love for music and his personal experiences with his child, a winning combination that has seen much success in both the private and public sectors and has been responsible for an increase in autism research funds since the organization’s conception in 2014. Before he began Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah was a prolific businessman who focused mainly on accounting, entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Autism Rocks provides an incredible listening experience to those lucky enough to attend their events. The organization features popular headliners and in the past has hosted such amazing talent as Prince, Drake, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz, to name a few. With an excellent combination of main celebrities, presentation and cause, Autism Rocks provides the perfect environment to promote the funding necessary to battle such a debilitating condition as autism and with some luck and little love there is the possibility that some form of treatment can eventually be found to finally drop this condition to its knees.


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Pat McGrath Makeup Release; Wengie Maintains Presence from Australia

The makeup world is buzzing with excitement as one of the most desired makeup artists in the world, Pat McGrath, prepares to launch her highlighting makeup products on May 10, 2016. Due to debut at Sephora, the product is titled Skin Fetish 003. Offered in golden and nude colors, this highlighter, balm, and powder trifecta pays homage to the way light radiates off of flawless skin in professional pictures. Photo ready in the comfort of your own home, Pat McGrath describes how this release has been a twenty-five-year-long project.

Discussing her products in detail have allowed the audience to ascertain that this makeup is revolutionary and sure to shape the beauty industry. Endowed with the ability to make models out of ordinary women, this makeup will certainly boost the confidence of ladies across the globe. As the products have already sold out on McGrath’s website, anticipation for the in-store release continues to grow. As long as supplies last, surely so will truckloads of adoring fans.

Further suspense exists as fans await a review by Australian beauty blogger, Wengie. If the makeup icon deems the product a gem, surely sales will continue to flourish for Pat McGrath. As fans across the globe flock to their computers to enjoy unique videos, posts, and photos published by Wengie, the makeup industry fluctuates as a response. Essentially, if the blogger likes it, her fans will be sure to as well.

Referring to herself as the Australian-Chinese beauty blogger, the fashionista regularly boasts of her relationship, her cat, and her love of Dexter. Declaring her love for fashion T-shirts and singlets, Wengie is a relatable icon who never forces her followers to abandon who they are. Though she typically posts reviews and news on makeup and fashion related products, the Australian native makes it a point to express her love of accessories. Regularly describing her head to toe looks, skincare routines, and dieting tips, the public is able to get a taste of her fashionable life without sacrificing their own style or ideas. Keyboard in hands and the fashion industry wrapped around her finger, the adorable blogger maintains go-to information for those who cannot get enough of the field.


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The Life Story of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a woman who notably has it all. She was placed by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine among the 24 best beauty surgeons last month. Walden underwent training with the finest cosmetic surgeons in New York City. She then went ahead to establish a successful practice in Manhattan. This was before returning to Austin to start a practice.
Walden is kind and warm towards those who interact with her. This puts the people she interacts with at ease. Despite being a busy and powerful woman, Dr. Walden’s eyes shine with the motherly love that she bears towards her twin sons, Rex, and Houston. She has an easy smile and empathizes with her patients who are in pursuit of better looks.

Hard work, coupled with talent, drive, and intelligence, brought Dr. Walden to where she is today. Jennifer was born in Austin. She spent her childhood in the Northwest Hills neighborhood. She was born into a family of medical professionals, with her late father being a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse.
Walden grew up in a community that treasured education and achievement. She describes her mother as a hero who has served as a great inspiration and role model in raising her children. She expresses the joys and hardships of being a mother. She points out that being a plastic surgeon is sometimes easier than being a mother.
Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas. She was accepted into medical school on a waiting list after refusing to be sidelined. With her determination, Jennifer went ahead to graduate as Salutatorian of her class. She was led into plastic surgery by her love of artistry and creativity. She went on to start and run a successful practice in Manhattan.
After the birth of her twin sons, Jennifer Walden decided to return to Texas. This was to allow her sons to grow up surrounded by family, just like she grew up. She reestablished her practice in Austin and the practice has exceeded all expectations with its rapid growth.

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Nestle Purina working on new formula for Beneful dog food

Beneful has come under fire for including mycotoxins, propylene glycol and food coloring in its popular dog food formula. Food coloring additives are often found in foods designed for humans, but they are not needed in a meal designed to appeal to our canine companions. Mycotoxins are often found in many types of pet food as well. Some bloggers express concern over the inclusion of propylene glycol. These bloggers probably confuse the additive, which is FDA approved, with ethylene glycol. The latter is used in anti-freeze.
The concern over the ingredients in the pet food might be because of the human tendency to treat their pets like members of their family. This trend has led to dangerous pet foods such as Vegan cat foods. Cats cannot live as Vegans and require real meat as part of their diet. Dogs, on the other hand, do not require meat the way cats do, but they do better on mostly meat diets.

Including the ingredients listed above in Beneful may have led to a class-action lawsuit against Beneful.com. The company responded with working on two new formulas that remove these ingredients. A spokesperson, when asked, said the development of the new formulas is not related to the pending lawsuit.

Purina Nestle is not the only pet food company that has decided to cater to the human desire to feed their pets healthier food. Blue Buffalo has even given into the gluten-free twitter trend. Although few animals suffer from celiac disease, dogs and cats often do better with less grains in their diets. Some of Blue Buffalo’s commercials even suggest that corn and wheat gluten is not healthy for dogs.

For more info, see https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood.



Why Did JustFab Start Their Own Plus Size Fashion Line?

JustFab started their own fashion line for plus size women, and they have been reported by The Curvy Fashionista for their forward thinking. JustFab is an amazing fashion line that has been helping women dress well, and now they are expanding their line to the plus sizes. The plus size line has many clothes that are brought up from the regular line, and there are clothes that are just for women with curvy bodies. A curvy body should be something that a woman can love, and she is going to love the way that she looks in new plus size fashions from JustFab.

The idea behind the line is to give women who wear plus sizes clothes that they will like that actually work with their bodies. It is hard to get some clothes in bigger sizes because they are not cut right, but that problem is solved by JustFab in their new line. The clothes have the cut that makes the most sense for women with curves, and the clothes fit better once they are tried on.
Read more: @justfabonline

A woman who is shopping with JustFab online is going to love the way it feels to get something online and slip it on when she gets home. That is the idea behind how this line works. Women are able to order from JustFab online, and they can fit into their clothes easily once the clothes show up in the mail. The Curvy Fashionista likes the simplicity of the line the most, and the clothes look amazing because they are on trend with the rest of the fashion world.

Curvy girls are not relegated to the clothes that just fall on them and do not flatter their bodies, and they will be able to look great in something that looks like it should be going down a runway. A curvy girl can feel like a model when she gets dressed in JustFab clothes, and she can come back for new releases in every season. JustFab has essentially filled the gap in fashion for curvy women who are looking for something nice to wear.

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Dog Food Industry Changes with Focus on Health

Could you be convinced to eat a dish of dog food if someone told you that it tasted good? Probably not without any sort of monetary incentive, right? Well, that’s exactly the taste test that Freshpets CEO Richard Thompson is so willing to partake in, if only to show you that his product is going to change the pet food industry. Right now the pet food industry is worth almost $24 billion in annual revenue and there are companies that are constantly jockeying for position in order to bring in some of that cash.
An impromptu taste test at the Freshpet factor in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is just part of Thompson’s marketing campaign. He wants people everywhere to know how good his dog food is and just why exactly you should consider grabbing a fresh can of it for your own lovable pup. His big change, and what people all around the industry are replicating, has been to focus on offering a product that would pass the tests of human quality. This means that the food is no longer loaded with preservatives and there is a renewed focus on fresh meat rather than the cheaper, mechanically mixed garbage that shady companies tend to peddle around. Freshpet wants to focus on giving food that is quicker from the shelf to the bowl and that is why they are bringing out their refrigerated options as well.

If Freshpet sounds revolutionary to you then you really need to take into account one of the largest dog food manufacturers in the country, Beneful. Beneful has a long track record of developing healthy, beneficial pet food for dogs of all sizes and breeds. They’ve got an array of products on the shelf that can be utilized for just about every situation. Beneful was the first pet food company to use real meat in their pet food and that was one of the first big revolutions for for the industry.

What sets Beneful.com products apart from many competitors is that they are focused on creating food without filler, and that’s a huge part of the aforementioned Freshpet’s paradigm. The next time you are in the pet food aisle take a look at all of the options Beneful has on offer on sores like Wal-Mart and then look at the ingredients. It’s very telling.

Follow Beneful: https://twitter.com/beneful

Deere And All Of Her Fashion Do’s

Doe Deere is a woman that was able to start up her own cosmetic line in 2008. Doe Deere was born in Russia, and she was raised in New York. From a very young age Deere knew that she wanted to work in fashion. In 2004 Deere made her own clothing line and she would sell her clothes on eBay. Deere was her own model and she usually wore bright and colorful makeup when she would model her clothing. Deere found that the makeup that she would use was not bright and colorful enough for her taste. Deere started to experiment with makeup on her own, and she decided that she was going to try to make her own makeup line.

Deere wanted to be able to start her own business, but she did not have that much money. Deere only had a couple hundred dollars, but she had a dream and she believed in herself. Deere believes that is it is important for each and every entrepreneur to trust their gut and use their gut to help guide them in making their business decisions. Deere also believes in treating her employees, vendors, and partners with respect and dignity. That is the way that she has been able to help them to succeed.

Doe Deere recently did an article with The Bustle about her favorite fashion and makeup rules to break. Doe Deere does not believe that the fashion industry should tell her the way that she should wear her makeup or her clothing. Even though fashion stipulates that a person should wait for a special occasion to dress a certain way, Deere does not believe that an occasion should determine how she should look. Deere can be found on a given day wearing different colors, patterns, and crazy colored hair.

Fashion stipulates that a person should dress their own age, but even though Doe Deere is in her 30s, she does not believe that she has to dress like a 30-year-old. Some days Deere may choose to dress her age, and other days she may choose not to. Deere’s dress is all dependent on how she feels. Deere also likes to wear bright and colorful socks with high-heeled and open-toed shoes. Even though fashion stipulates that it is tacky to wear open toed shoes with socks, Deere breaks the rules in that aspect as well. Deere is a woman that has always fought to be her own person, and that is the reason she has succeeded as an entrepreneur.

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Schlumberger Curtails Venezuelan Operations Due to Payment Worries

Venezuela’s oil industry according t FireManCapital.com is facing renewed problems as oil services giant Schlumberger has announced that it would cut back its operations in the country as a result of unpaid debts. PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, currently owes billions of dollars to foreign service providers. There are doubts as to when these debts will be paid, as the OPEC nation is facing economic problems amid weak oil prices and dwindling foreign currency reserves. Other companies that provide oilfield services, such as Halliburton and Weatherford International, have also reported delayed payments from PDVSA.

Schlumberger has stated that while it appreciates the Venezuelan state-run oil monopoly’s efforts to find alternate payment solutions and is committed to supporting the local oil industry, the company is not able to increase its accounts receivable balances beyond current levels.

PDVSA was already given a $1 billion line of credit by Schlumberger is 2013, allowing Venezuela to continue benefiting from their services despite mounting debts. Schlumberger has lost $49 million in 2015 and $472 million in 2014 as a result of Venezuelan currency devaluation.

In statements to local press and on social media made by Diaz Granados, PDVSA said that it “categorically denies” reports in international media that Schlumberger is winding down its operations in the country and that any additional work that the state-run oil company requires will be assigned to other providers, without going into further details.