Investment Banking with CEO Martin Lustgarten

Banking incorporates many aspects. One of the many branches of banking is investment banking. This branch of banking contributes towards the creation of capital for governments and even other companies. Firms that deal with investment banking are referred to as investment banks.Investment banks provide debt and equity financing services to corporate and individual clients. These banks are also involved in trading activities for their clients. Other services by investment services include mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial advisory and security trading.
Investment banks often work with other large banks to meet their service demand.Most European and American investment banks have their shares listed on stock exchanges. This means they are publicly traded companies. Other investment banks that are privately owned are organized like partnership businesses. Most people find investment banking to be complex because of its complex transactions and analysis. However, you need to understand that these banks save clients from a lot of hassle.The clients of investment banks include corporates, hedge funds, sovereigns, wealthy individuals and pension plans.
CEO Martin Lustgarten is one of the renowned investment bankers in the world. He has perfected the art of investment banking to impressive levels. Martinis the CEO of Lustgarten Martin which is based in Miami, Florida. Lustgarten Martin is among the most successful investment banks in the United States.Mr. Lustgarten has gained a lot of experience in equity and security trades while working in investment banking industry.
Martin’s ability to follow market cycles has favored his success. The market cycles enable him to have a full understanding of the market during trading. He is considered the best when it comes to offering meaningful tips and advice on investment banking. Martin also understands the benefit of giving priority to the interests of people before seeking profits. He keeps in touch with most of his clients via social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. With time he continues to gain popularity as the world’s leading investment banker.
Investment bankers are trained to offer necessary knowledge that relates to investment banking. They need to master the trade and familiarize with operations that fall under investment banking. The bankers should also carefully assess risks before making any transactions. This will prepare the banker for any consequences.

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Will Desiree Perez Save Tidal?


News is going around that Samsung has officially restarted talks with Shawn Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z, to buy Tidal. Samsung, which is a South Korea-based electronics company, teamed up with Shawn Carter during the launch of “Magna Carter…Holy Grail” in 2013. However, the rocky launch of “ANTI”, an album done by Roc Nation’s Rihanna last month, has derailed the talks. There are also speculations coming from HITS industry insider I.B. Bad that Samsung had written a check to Kanye West for their involvement in the eagerly awaited “The Life of Pablo” album. A source close to Claire Atkinson was quoted saying that Samsung had been re-engaging. He also added that they are working on something huge, and they are quiet about it so that it doesn’t leak out.

According to a column that is yet to be posted by I.B. Bad, insiders have revealed that Tidal has been making losses in the upwards of $10m every year. Although there have been recent exclusives by Kanye, Rihanna and Beyoncé, it seems like the situation is beyond relief. Even after the exclusives from three of the world’s biggest music entertainers, Tidal has not been able to generate new subscribers to bring the business to its feet. It is said that Goggle and Spotify are also eyeing Tidal in an effort to bolster their digital music services. There are further claims that Tidal has been having problems paying its royalty bills on time forcing Jay-Z to dig into his own pockets. At the time of Tidal’s launch, the company was valued at $250 million. However, that figure has dropped to $100 million today. How the situation is going to play out will be significantly determined by Jay-Z’s right-hand person, Desiree Perez.

Desiree is the lady behind the running of Tidal, Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports. Known by many as one of the toughest negotiators to have ever walked the face of the earth, Desiree has been a trusted ally and confidante to Shawn Carter for over two decades. With a charisma that would put Empire’s own Cookie to shame, most people know her ass “Boss Lady”. It is said that Beyoncé’s famous Formation Stadium tour was as a result of her impeccable negotiation skills. She also helped Rihanna secure her deal with Samsung.

Desiree, together with her husband, are part of the Hova Circle of Influence that also includes TyTy Smith, Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman and Chaka Pilgrim. Collectively, this group runs the entire Roc Nation and all its affiliate companies.

Mike Baur on Venture Capitalism: A Case Study of Development and Future

Mike Baur is a successful Swiss entrepreneur who has also invested in venture capitalism. In 2014, Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which incubates startups through a series of programs that touch on various areas of business. The successes of Mike Baur cannot be explored fully until the activities and achievements of the Swiss Startup Factory are revealed. Here is a preview of what the company does and what they have for the future.

Talent acceleration
One of the areas the Swiss Startup Company has invested in is ensuring talents are honored and accorded the requisite support to bring out the hidden potential in individuals. The company, through the accelerator program, offers a platform that helps to nurture talent and gives access to financing options. The Swiss Startup Company is connected to many companies that are willing to invest in others’ talents, and this makes it easier for individuals to receive the financial support they need to implement their ideas.

Three-month acceleration program for startups
The acceleration program for startups entails access to financing and business development models that are relevant to the ideas presented by different people. To make the program more effective, the Swiss Startup Company has partnered with some of the best universities in Switzerland to help broaden the information base of the institution and to welcome the best brains in the business world for contributions.

These services extend to leadership and management to allow the startups grow into well established businesses after the program. The Wenger & Veli, which also works with the Swiss Startup Factory, offers legal and tax support to the startups. The package also includes a branding and PR division that creates a strategy on behalf of the startup. Additionally, Swiss Startup Factory invites fundraising events that make it possible to offer all the services outlined in the program free of charge to the startups.

The Life and Contribution of Mike Baur
Mike Baur is part of the team responsible for the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory. He also invests a lot of his time and money into the company to ensure it serves its purpose effectively. He also moderates the fundraising program for the company and sees that every startup under the company is fully supported.

Having formerly worked as a Clariden and Sallfort banker, Mike Buar boasts of an experience spanning more than 20 years. His educational credentials can be traced to the University of Rochester, where he earned his MBA. He also holds an Executive MBA from Bern University.

An Interview with Andrew Wirth

I just listened to an interview that happened on July 30, 2015. It was on a California radio station KCRW that had a program entitled, “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”. The topic was “How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?”

The invited guest for this topic was Andrew or Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the mother company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley in California.

Andy Wirth, nicknamed Andy earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado State University. On June 1, 2006, he started as the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Steamboat of Intrawest ULC. On July 2007, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Intrawest ULC (formerly Intrawest Corp.)

In June of 2009, he was the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. On August 2, 2010, he became the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Corporation. Then, in July of 2013, he began as a Trustee of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.

Madeleine Brand of the KCRW radio station began with her interview by asking Andy how his winter was. Andy answered that it was a tough one due to the ridiculously resilient ridge as what the Stanford meteorologist called it, which prevented a lot of a pressure system from coming into the mountains, but they still made quite well even if the skiers’ visit went down to 20% compared from last year.

Andy’s question this time was how many winters he could survive if he had a winter like this past one. He replied that it would be an infinite number depending on the circumstances, that the capital structure was solid, that they remained profitable although not as profitable as they could have been, and that they had the capability to withstand these changes of weather.

Mr. Wirth’s third question was what he would say to people who wanted to go to Squaw Valley in February, and there was not a lot of snow there. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The Chief Executive Officer’s comment on this one was that they got 6,000 acres of skiing, but if they would only have 4,000 acres of skiing, the people could probably still have a very good time, and that they had become exceptionally good in using science in making snow. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Madeleine also asked Andy’s opinion on El Nino. He explained at that point that the absence of the ridiculously resilient ridge would actually invite those warm temperatures in, and that it was more likely to be a colder winter.

The next query for him was what he saw in the years to come. Andy responded that for the increase of volatility of weather, he could still manage and build the business model for the long term, that he had the ability to increase the snow making and could certainly make other adjustments in the business.

One of the last questions asked by Madeleine was about his approach if there would be a lot of warmer weather and eventually no more snow.

Mr. Wirth’s remark on this was that they were building more on summer visitations and summer activities. He also added that they took managing this natural resource very seriously, and that they were building a legacy.

Securus Technologies Is Shining A Light On The Industry

Securus Technologies has been a firm that is constantly bettering itself and ensuring a better service is provided for its customers. Their customers are made up of friends and family which total approximately 25 million. In order to cater to this large volume of people they have established a 220 staff member call center. This call center is the largest of its kind in the industry and is run domestically within the United States of America. This ensures that the quality of the service provided is constant and up to standard.
The call center also provided Securus Technologies the necessary control when it comes to handling customer service. Without this step the necessary standards for Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation would not have been possible to achieve. Securus Technologies has been awarded the highest A+ rating as well as the formal accreditation to allow for the mentioning and printing of it. All staff within the call center have been trained to match the standards set by the Better Business Bureau. These standards are trust building, honesty, transparency, honesty, being responsive, safe guarding privacy as well as integrity.

Due to the high level of standards Securus provides it’s customers there is no place for wrong doing or breaching of the high standard of integrity set by them. This however has become an issue as evidence has surfaced that the largest provider of inmate communication services, Global Tel Link, was found to have been involved in wrong doings. According to the PR Newswire, these wrong doings were identified by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC)who launched the investigation. They found a number of issues relating to the practice of advancing call clocks, higher call rates, artificially inflating charges as well as double billing and unlawful overcharging.

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Successful Investor and Banker Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has had a very successful career working as a banker and investor. Originally from Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has managed a lot of the top banks in the country. Besides being an expert banker, Igor has had a lot of success investing in stocks and is one of the best teachers when it comes to investing. While he is currently retired, Cornelsen spends a lot of time in South Florida practicing golf, a hobby that he picked upon retiring that takes up a good portion of his time. When he is not playing golf, he still occasionally works with investments and stays up to date in the field. He has plenty of great advice to up and coming investors and entrepreneurs who are striving to be successful. According to Cornelsen, those who are looking to become successful long term investors need to invest wisely by making long term investments that have the ability to continuously create profits. This method may take years to see it’s rewards but by investing money into different portfolios that have shown the ability to create profits consistently it creates long term success as an investor.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen also works as an advisor to young entrepreneurs not only in Brazil but worldwide. He strongly encourages people to connect with other people locally, by doing so this helps to fit their specific cultures. Besides that he also advises investors to abide by the set regulations and rules that the country which one plans to invest his or her resources in. Igor is well known among young investors as being very approachable, earning that reputation by advising anyone who may approach him no matter where they are from or their status. According to Cornelsen, what seems to be one of the most popular ways of making money these days is by investing in activities that generate residue and passive income. Cornelsen points out by investing this way it requires no direct involvement. He says the best way to go about this is by finding income generating activities and setting up a strategy to make it work. By doing this it allows for a person to focus on other activities while monitoring it’s progress occasionally. Another benefit to this method of investment is the fact that the investor has a continuous flow of income while not having to necessarily monitor the situation all the time. Igor also says that it requires minimal resources. Some resources will be required at the beginning stages but after it is set up and running it will require no additional resources to keep the activity running. Igor Cornelsen was able to make a tremendous career out of investing and banking through hard work and determination.

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Growing Pains with Shark Media

White Shark Media is a company that doesn’t mind sharing its growing pains. Members of the enterprise’s leadership recently discussed the typical complaints they receive and how the resolution of these claims have helped them better their product. This self-awareness shows the depth of a company.

One of the first complaints that White Shark Media is the claim that clients feel they have “lost touch” with campaigns designed for advertising. Here is how they remedied this concern:

• We recognized this complaint as one we dealt with as well. Clients were confused with the data and reports produced to show progress.
• We have now simplified our process and we strive to ensure that the customer fully understands the campaign and can readily check progress.
A second concern for clients was the difficulty they had in reaching their contact person to easily communicate with them. We implemented the following practices to address this issue:
• We utilized the system, “GoToMeeting,” to organize monthly calls to update customers about the status of their project.
• A new phone system was put in all of our offices that allowed direct extensions to be accessed. This enables clients to reach their personal contact.
Some customers complain that the new campaign optimization provided by White Shark Media isn’t working as good as the previous one (learn more:
• We acknowledge that our campaigns must be effective for our company to be successful. Sometimes we do use the framework of the original campaign and improve it with our methods.
• Each one of our teams is headed now by a supervisor; each supervisor is responsible for 2 or 3 strategists. These supervisors ensure that quality control is met.
Another common complaint we hear is the concern that we don’t offer SEO services. This is an area that we have not entered into yet.
• We do have talented team strategists who can work with companies to make sure their SEO vendor is performing optimally.
• Companies can talk directly with their personal contact to access these services.
At times, clients do not get along well with the contact person they are assigned to. This causes frustration and anxiety.
• Shark Media now assigns a Senior SEM consultant to each project and they stay with the project for as long as they are with us.
• Clients can direct any questions regarding personnel satisfaction to the senior supervisor.
Some customers do not like the fact that we produce the campaigns on our account site.
• We have implemented a new option to allow clients to keep their projects on their own site, if this site has done well.
• Clients still have the possibility for us to control the project completely from our site.
Consumers are concerned that most of their queries happen on the phone.
• We have partnered with a inquiry tracking company called Marchex to provide the best possible system.
• White Shark Media requires all of our local business networkers to become a member of Marchex to provide continuity to our clients. Additional details can be obtained at:
Each of these concerns are legitimate issues voiced by our customers. We, at White Shark Media, take these criticisms seriously. We have discovered a growth in our company as we strive to meet the needs of the ad community.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Voted One of Best Plastic Surgeons Around

She’s super smart, highly skilled and stunning, and she makes people look their most attractive.

We’re talking about Texas’ Dr. Jennifer Walden, an amazing aesthetic plastic surgeon who juggles motherhood with young, twin boys and a very busy career.

The Austin born beauty was always smart when hitting the books, and at age 8, she already knew a career in medicine would take her far. She received her diploma from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Jennifer Walden also earned her medical doctorate and then stepped up her game, graduating as salutatorian from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

After residency training, she moved from the Lone Star State to New York to concentrate in aesthetic surgery. She was named to a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. During her stay in New York City, Jennifer Walden became the associate of the highly-respected aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston. She would refine her skills in Manhattan for the next eight years.

Dr. Jennifer Walden decided that being a mother would only add to her wonderful life and career, so she chose to be a single parent and has never looked back. She wanted her boys to enjoy the wonderful Austin childhood she remembered, so she headed back to Texas to raise Houston and Rex near family and friends.

The field has always been dominated by male doctors, but female surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden have changed the face of modern plastic surgery. Since women make up 92% of all patients, it takes a special, compassionate professional to understand what they are looking for.

Dr. Jennifer Walden finds that female patients feel more comfortable discussing the need for a procedure like a tummy tuck, breast enhancement or vaginal rejuvenation, for example. Patients feel at ease exposing their bodies to a female doctor, and Jennifer Walden is known for her kindness, keen aesthetic vision and sound advice when meeting new patients.

There’s a good reason Dr. Jennifer Walden has been recognized as a top plastic surgeon, her record speaks for itself.


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Securus Technologies Introduces New THREADS 3.1 Application And Interface

The dominant supplier of contemporary civil and criminal justice technology applications, Securus Technologies, released a public statement about its proprietary analytical tool, THREADS 3.1, for the United States correctional system marketplace. The foundation of its “Solutions” line of investigative applications, THREADS 3.1 is now adaptable to current cyber technologies, while maintaining its compelling analysis that Securus Technologies customers expect.
The revamped THREADS application is straightforward and uncomplicated. According to Securus Technologies General Manager Kelly Solid, “This redesign makes THREADS easier to use and enhances system performance. “We streamlined the user interface, eliminated unnecessary system actions and enhanced navigation, record loading and the search function.” “The result is increased performance and improved user experience.”

HTML 5 now serves as the platform for THREADS 3.1, an upgrade from the limited Silverlight platform. The upgrade enables a collaboration and integration with several Securus Technologies such as the Secure Call Platform. The new interface enables investigators to be more productive with their investigations. The interface and analytical tool application is easy to learn, does not require extensive training and delivers and introduces a whole new world of dependable, accurate intelligence. Full article posted on PR Newswire.

With the Securus Technologies THREADS 3.1 application, correctional personnel, public safety agencies, and investigators can now listen in on calls with the Secure Call Platform, engage real-time assessments, and personalize mappings. Securus Technologies is respected worldwide as the pre-eminent application and interface for recognizing and responding to out of the ordinary inmate calling patterns, collaborations, correlations and inmate assembly.

Dallas, Texas-based Securus Technologies provides nearly 3500 law enforcement, public safety and correctional authorities with contemporary communications applications. Applications provided by Securus Technologies include; public information, law enforcement investigation, incident reporting, emergency response, monitoring systems, biometric assessment and prisoner self-service. The firm takes a proactive approach towards communications with its “connecting what matters®” protocol.


Beneful Products my Pooch and I Love

Nestle Pueinastore Beneful brand offers many great products for any dog. They offer on dry dog food, wet dog food, and delicious treats. These come in different variations for small, medium, and large dogs, and also have flavors for any picky four-legged friend. Here are some Beneful products that my pooch enjoys the most.

Beneful Healthy Smile Mini Dog Dental Ridges Dog Treat
I have a small dog, a chihuahua, that does not like having his teeth brushed. These treats are the perfect solution, and my dog thinks he is getting rewarded, and not a teeth cleaning. These treats reduce plaque and tartar buildup, all while freshening breath. Healthy Smile Treats have a meat middle with real parsley, something my dog loves. Not only does this keep my dogs teeth clean, it also helps to build strong bones. These also come in medium and large dog size.
Beneful Baked Delight Stars Chicken & Cheese
First, I love this treat because it is made with real chicken and cheese. I hate giving my dog artificial ingredients, and this keeps my mind at ease. These treats are perfect for training. I taught my dog several tricks using these because he couldn’t get enough. These treats are made with shortbread, so for my small dog, it makes them easy to chew.
Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight
This is the perfect dog food for my little one. I am guilty of feeding him table scraps, so giving this helps balance the equation. This dog food was made with calorie content in mind. Not only is is a balanced meal for my dog, but it also super delicious. It’s made with real chicken and gives my dog all of the nutrients he needs.
Beneful Wet Food Tuscan Style Medley: []
I love having this dog food on hand. It is made with beef, carrots, rice, and spinach. My dog is not very good at eating his veggies. If I blend Tuscan Style Medley with his regular food I know he is getting the nutrition he needs.
These are just a few of the Beneful products my pooch and I enjoy. Make sure to try them all, and see your dog truly happy. Visit their Wikipedia page now for more info.