How Qnet Is Making A Difference In The World

Qnet is a direct sales company. Their products focus on enhancing life and enriching personal experiences. They believe in treating all people in a fair and just manner and never try to force any sales or product on anyone. Qnet and its representatives seek to help those who are in need because of natural disaster or personal need.

The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1988. They operate on a multi level marketing model. This means that referrals are the main source of how they attain contacts and make sales. They live by the ideal that the employees and the company have a responsibility to the communities in which they operate. They strongly support volunteer work and want to help make the world a better place.

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, February 11, 2016

This is why the recent announcement made by Qnet came as no big surprise. They pledged a substantial amount of money to help victims of the recent Chennai Flood. The ceremony was being held to celebrate the accomplishments of film industry actors and actresses as well as behind the scenes professionals.

The Chennai Flood left hundreds of families without homes and basic necessities. The award ceremony sought to bring awareness and donations to their cause. Qnet, as part of their corporate vision, feels that the donation is something that they owe that community to help repair the broken lives of the victims. 

The entire South Indian Film Industry has gotten behind this cause. Qnet has also partnered with local Lions Service Foundations to distribute care packages to the victims. These packages included pots, pans, sheets and other basic household needs. 

Corporate Responsibility Initiatives have found Qnet making a number of different alliances with many NGOs. The film industry is one such group that they regularly work with to achieve the results that they desire. Distributors in more than 100 countries and corporate offices in more than 25 different locations throughout the world, Qnet has the reach and the employee base to make a serious difference for many.

One such program that they sponsor and work hard on is in the promotion of sports activities for children with disabilities. They also are working hard to help the homeless. The main purpose of Qnet is to work to make the world just a little bit better for all around them.

Chennai flood victims an look forward to the involvement and the aid of both Qnet and the south Indian film industry now and in the future.

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You’ll Have Fun And Make Friends On Skout

There’s some new exciting news from online dating due to a recent survey that was conducted by one of the biggest, newest online dating sites. Skout is a new dating site and online social media application that allows users to make new relationships, which don’t have to be just romantic. It is a great place to meet romantic partners, but you must understand that some people prefer to meet new friends this way. It is a great place to be exposed to a variety of people. Skout is free to use, and setting up a profile is quite simple.

When you download the application for Skout, you will be prompted to adjust settings on your phone at your own discretion. You can choose to do whatever you would like with your settings, but the application does allow for notifications to be adjusted. Then, you will be prompted to set up a profile on Skout. You will have the option to type a user name, and you will be able to use a picture to represent yourself. You can choose any picture you would like to represent your being on Skout, but there are some restrictions on nudity. Some people choose to put their actual picture on Skout, and others choose to put an avatar-esque picture on their profile. It’s very similar to social media accounts that you are used to using.

You will then have the option to look through the people that are available to network with on Skout. You can change your search results based on area, location, gender, interests and other search criteria. Skout has made updates to their system recently to allow users more flexibility in their decision making. You can now have Skout send show you people in a quicker fashion for you to filter one by one if you would like.

Try to enjoy yourself in this brave endeavor and have some fun! There’s a wide world of new people to interact with on Skout, so the possibilities are endless. In a recent survey that Skout conducted, it was noted that 3 out of 4 people surveyed from 23,000 people have online friends. The percentage of people that will actually meet their online friends is a little higher than this. The article that has more of this information, about Skout and this survey, can be found by going to the PR Newswire’s article.

Inmate Phone Calls Made Better With Securus Technologies

Currently, Securus Technologies serves more than 3450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies. In addition, it serves approximately, 1,200,000 inmates in North America. The company is committed and dedicated to serving all its customers and connect the use of technologies to provide incidents management, emergency response, inmate services, inmate communication, public information and monitoring of information and progress while ensuring that the world becomes and remains safe for everyone to live in. Therefore, all these functions drive the firm towards providing technological solutions for both criminal and civil justice.

Recently, one of the newest developments is the entry of the new Senior Vice-president in charge of Sales. John Bell became part of the Securus Technologies team in Dallas, Texas as of December 2015. The Vice President is known for financial management and marketing abilities resulting from experience. Securus Technologies, through strategic management planning and product monitoring, hopes to improve service provision. Expansion plans in terms of services and products, as well as the customer base, are in place and underway.

Recently, Richard Smith, who is the current CEO, Securus Technologies, announced the $600m investment in the company in the development and the acquisition of several security and safety related patented services and products. Additionally, he describes the new sales vice president as transformational. With a team headed by the two, the company will achieve exceptional performance. Consequently, anticipated and planned changes will be accomplished. Securus Technologies, in the verge of improving operations and services to the customers. Investment is a top priority also. 

Securus Technologies has improved ways in which citizens interact with inmates. For example, the Securus video is more accessible and eases communication with inmates. However, it is dependent on the availability of the facility. It is possible to pre-reschedule an online visit or simply visit loved ones at home comfortably using your computer. The Use at Home Video Visitation is effective in saving time and eliminating the travelling process. Apparently, it makes a visit much easier compared to having to travel. The visitation app enables individuals to talk to incarcerated friends or family members using a web camera or computer. Securus Technologies helps the clients in creating an online account with them. With Securus video visits, family members can share occasions including birthday parties with inmates. In addition, sharing bedtime stories is also possible. Options include syncing, detailed calendars and one can receive appointments. One can thus receive notifications on the app, regarding upcoming occasions and events.

Shaygan Kheradpir Seeks Success With Coriant

Coriant is one of the top new names in the communications industry after being formed in 2013, but the high quality of the leadership of the company has made sure the brand is now one of the top options for companies looking to improve their data transference and networking options. Coriant has embarked upon its fast growth to employ more than 3,000 people under the leadership of financial expert Pat DiPietro, but is now ho0ping a change of leadership can actually improve the growth of the company in the coming years.

In response to the need for greater profit margins and faster growth the Coriant brand is seeking the respected technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir is looking to lead the company from the position of CEO. Kheradpir is a well known figure in the world of technology because of the many innovations he has looked to introduce overt the course of his more than 30 year career. Kheradpir is a popular figure amongst those in the technology industry because of the many new technologies he introduced as the head of research and development for Verizon.

Shaygan Kheradpir has also been looking for new areas of business that can be aided by his skills, which eventually led the executive to the financial industry. Eentually, Shaygan Kheradpir made his way to Barclay’s banking institution, which saw him become the first technology executive to sit on the board of the company. The possibilities offered by networking various locations and offices is something the Coriant company is very interested in expanding its work in, but Kheradpir completed a vast networking task when he linked the global offices of the financial giant Barclay’s to be available in real time. Kheradpir will now bring these skills to Coriant in a bid to make sure the company develops the latest technologies, and adds a further level of success to its future growth under CEO Shaygan Kheradpir.

Susan McGalla is Ushering in a New Era of Fun Steelers Fashion

The Steelers’ new fashion line has launched! It’s a fun way to connect with fans and feel closer to the team. This year, there is a new line of Steelers Pandora jewelry. They are charms that you can wear and there are also wine charms available. In addition, Tommy Bahama has released Steelers branded items. To add to the tremendous support from major fashion brands, fans can now enjoy gear from Nike Golf, Victoria’s secret, and more. Of course, young girls love pink, and they can sport their favorite color thanks to extension of options in this year’s fashion choices. As always, the classic neon yellow and gold will be available. After all, men are always looking to improve their wardrobe at work. It becomes an entire conversation of itself around the water cooler. Thanks to the new line, they can enjoy the feeling of impressing their work pals. Women, of course, want feminine shapes and figures to put on. Moms also want the option to wear something that isn’t a black onsie. That’s why pink animal print is going to be available. There is a new campaign the Steelers have called “It’s Not Just Friday.” This campaign encourages everyone to sport their gold and black attire the entire weekend, even before games. That way, you can have a chance to win contests by entering photos of yourself, your friends, or your family in Steelers colors. If you win this awesome contest, you will get an entire wardrobe of Steelers themed clothing and accessories. This idea was spurred from all the fans’ questions about where certain players were getting their clothing such as hoodies and sweatshirts that they were wearing on the sidelines. Spearheading this initiative is Susan McGalla. She has extensive experience in retail, which is certainly an understatement. The now Director of Strategic Planning, Susan McGalla has previously worked as the president of American Eagle Oufitters – the famous fashion brand. Before that, she was the CEO at Wet Seal. Susan McGalla credits the excitement of this new clothing line to her willingness to listen to fans. She then takes their wishes and uses her experience in merchandising, branding, and lifestyle in order to innovate and deliver new choices to the fans. They even bring focus groups in. She has a history of embracing technology and feedback.

George Soros 2008 Prediction

Well regarded investment expert and market guru George Soros has been making observations about the current state of the global market and his comments are getting a lot of attention in financial circles. The most attention-getting statement from Soros recently is that the current situation in the world economy is starting to look a lot like it did back in 2008. That, to be sure, is an observation that raises eyebrows and blood pressure in the financial world, to be sure.

The big concern right now, according to Bloomberg, Soros said it is what is taking place in China. Right now China is seeing a devaluation in its currency as it explores ways of finding a new model for growth. The ups and dramatic downs in the Chinese situation is shaking up the global market in a big way, and we are seeing the effects on the stock market in the US in these early days of 2016.

The situation in China is impossible to ignore, as the value of the yuan is sinking lower. Right now China is trying to forge a new path as a service and consumer society, and moving out of being a largely manufacturing economy. All of this is having an impact, and the losses in the market this year have already gone beyond 2.5 Trillion globally. These losses have lead to a shut down of the Chinese trading markets several times already this year.

Soros, who is a hedge fund owner said to be worth over 27 billion dollars, is a knowledgeable voice who’s been involved in finance since the 1950s. He notes that the extreme volatility we’re seeing in the markets right now is another cause for great concern. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatilityy Index, which is also known as the market “fear gauge,” is now up 13 percent. Other aspects of the market that measure volatility have been seeing huge swings in 2016.

Right now China is making moves to try to stabilize the situation, with China’s Communist Party promising to eventually stop controls on the market. The People’s Bank of China is also lowering interest rates but so far it has not stopped the volatility we’re seeing.

According to Soros, we’re in for a rough ride and extreme caution is advised for investors until we have a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

Funding Autism Research With Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks, a charity funding the research of Autism by hosting music concerts, now has a Go Fund Me page for you to help them help fun this important venue.

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There is no cure for autism, and there are plenty of charity organizations that help individuals and their families, but not so many that fund the ongoing studies of how and why autism effects individuals the way it does, or the causes behind the disorder. Creator Sanjay Shah sought to solve this problem, and after a visit from music icon Snoop Dogg, Autism Rocks was born.

Autism Rocks organizes and hosts musical concerts, where attendance is free but donations to the cause are heavily encouraged. The money Autism Rocks gathers goes directly to the Autism Research Trust, who in turn fund the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge and their many long-term studies concerning autism and key milestones in it’s presentation, as well as ways to help treat it in effort to raise and aid an individual’s quality of life.

Multimillionaire Sanjay Shah originally became concerned about autism in 2011, when son Nikhil was diagnosed with the disorder, and immediately set out to help. He bought a pair of new busses for the Dubai Autism Centre, a resource center for autistic individuals and their families funded by the local government, but Mister Shah felt he could do more.

As an investor in the brainchild Blended, a two-day yearly music festival in Dubai, Shah had experience in organizing musical events and decided to try his hand at one to raise money and awareness for autism. In an unprecedented three weeks, Shah crunched time, numbers and venues for the very first Autism Rocks concert, which was preformed by Superstar Musician Prince. This singular concert raised over £200k for autism research, and musicians such as Lenny Kravitz and Elvis Costello followed his example.

But as a father rocked to learn his son had autism, Shah doesn’t want just the rich to be able to help fund the research. With the GoFundMe page, you can donate as little as one euro to the research yourself.

Doe Deere Connects Peers As Cosmetics Leader

Doe Deere has surfaced in the last several years as one of the most wildly entertaining cosmetics leaders of the generation. She is a young and sassy force that is redefining what cool makeup is. Her line of Unicorn Makeup is shaking the foundation of the makeup world, and teens and young adults are falling in love with her products.

There is a lot of talk about how she has been able to market through social media. Even young girls that have not reached teenage status are still able to invest in the Doe Deere products. She has lip gloss that is popular with many kids. She has broken the rules and become a leader in cosmetics. No one was expecting this, and that is why there is so much talk about her activity online.

This is really the key to her success. Doe Deere has become someone that has utilized social media in a big way. It is has worked to her advantage because she has not had to spend a lot of money on marketing. Doe Deere has managed to become a hot cosmetics leader because she has pushed her way to the top by staying relevant online. There are blogs and YouTube videos that people can view to learn more about her. There is a whole new social media campaign that has been launched for her Lime Crime line through Twitter. This has made it even easier for her to push her products to a wider audience. There are many people that are discovering her because she stays wired to social media.

What Doe Deere marks is the age of the young cosmetics leaders. She is moving in a new direction and creating cosmetics for a young crowd. This is something that has never really been done before. Most of the makeup companies that sell to the young adults are run by old presidents. The unique thing about Doe Deere is her age. She is a young professional that is marketing to her own age bracket. This makes her story interesting. It also makes it easier for her to relate to her fan base. She knows what her customers want because she is part of the same demographic. That makes her a very knowledgeable source of what will sell to this age group. Doe Deere broke the rules of standardizing cosmetics marketing to become a makeup leader.

There Is More To Lacrosse Legend Jon Urbana Than Meets The Eye

In Denver and the wider lacrosse community the name Jon Urbana is best known for the role the former lacrosse standout plays with his own Next Level Lacrosse camps. Every summer Urbana and top lacrosse coaches and players take on a number of students who are looking to improve their skills and enter college as lacrosse players. There are more aspects to the career and leisure activities of Jon Urbana than just his lacrosse activities, which reveal much about his personality.

The business life of Jon Urbana takes in the Ellipse USA business, for which he acts as the head of Business for the fast growing laser and pulsed lighting brand. Under the leadership of Jon Urbana the brand has become one of the top laser brands in the country with their range of treatments for the removal of hair and the removal of acne. The company has been growing at a fast rate and continues to do so with more hardware and treatment options being introduced all the time.

Urbana has also developed a burgeoning career as a photographer, specializing in the photographing of foods to his own blogs and social media accounts. The accounts maintained by Urbana are not only limited to showing off his own work, but also show the range of influences he has studied to develop his own photography style.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the life of Jon Urbana is his arrival as one of the world’s top pilots, as judged by the Federal Aviation Authority. In a bid to make sure only the best pilots in the world operate passenger and cargo planes the FAA has developed the Airmen Certification Database, which includes only the best educated and trained pilots in the world. Despite his busy life, Urbana has managed to come to the fore in a number of fields that are varied and often difficult to master.

Majeed Ekbal Believes In Giving Back

We are all fully aware of success stories in our communities. Often, those success stories rarely give back to the community or try to help those that are less fortunate. However, Majeed Ekbal is one very successful professional that definitely believes in giving back to those that are less fortunate. Nepal experienced a very devastating earthquake. This successful businessman would like to help them out. He has started his quest for funding with a GoFundMe page. Certainly, this is a cause that is very close to his heart. Ekbal still has a large number of friends and family residing in the area hit by the earthquake.

Long Range Goal
The long range goal of his GoFundMe effort is to take the money that is contributed to the fund and a crowd-rise campaign. His goal is to raise 1 million dollars for the campaign. All of the funds raised are for a very worthy purpose. The funds will help medical and disaster relief efforts in the earthquake stricken region. The fact is that there are so many people that have been left sick, hungry, and homeless. They really need this money as soon as possible. Ekbal is striving hard to reach that 1 million dollar goal.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal
Majeed Ekbal is a business entrepreneur, real estate investor, and senior marketing executive. Today, Majeed serves as the president of Expresso. Expresso is a very unique company with a great concept that is gaining great popularity. The company buys and delivers groceries to upscale customers in the area that it is located. The company works to cater to their refined taste and delivering exactly what the customers want.

Expresso Inc. is a relatively new enterprise for Majeed Ekbal. The operation is in the Chicago, Lincoln Park neighborhood. Majeed Ekbal is also a recent graduate of American University in Washington, D.C.