Why Make Use of a Professional Surgical Center

For those who need an upcoming surgery, it is great to know that a professional company like Nobilis Health is there to make things easy for patients. You will find that seeking help from a professional facility enables you to get the quality of care that you both need and want. Too many people struggle to get their surgeries done in professional and highly-trusted facilities, but Nobilis Health has completely changed the way that patients are looking at the centers that they will be going to for these procedures. One of the key features that sets Nobilis Health apart from so many of the other facilities out there is their commitment to the industry. In fact, Nobilis Health has been in this business for many years and continues to be a top surgical firm in the area. They have centers in both the state of Texas as well as Arizona, so they are definitely available around the clock and anywhere that might be closer to your home. When you visit the Nobilis Health website on Linked In, you will automatically see that there are a lot of different centers currently being run by Nobilis Health that you might be able to choose from. There are a lot of patients who are currently going to Nobilis Health and its facilities in order to get the quality of care that they feel they need. You will find that seeking help from the experts is going to allow you to see through the hardships that you have been experiencing concerning your health. You need a facility that cares and is going to do the best thing possible for your own health. Nobilis Health is one of these centers and it can be a great facility to choose if you feel that it is going to benefit you in some way. For those who might be interested in the facilities being run by Nobilis Health, you will want to make an appointment there to speak with one of their professional surgeons. From there, you will find out if the facility is the right option for your own needs.

The 990 Company’s Dynamic Founder Gregory Hague

The 990 Company is a real estate firm founded and owned by Gregory D. Hague. The 990 Company has a unique approach to the real estate industry. For as little as a $990.00 commission a broker will help you sell your home in record time. The 990 company started life with just three brokers, but now it has grown with over 200 real estate sales affiliates on staff. Basically it’s a network of real estate agents working within a single program. This method broadens the listing base of a property, resulting in faster sales at lower costs.

Hague is an American businessman and entrepreneur with an impressive resume. He is a graduate of Miami University, and holds a law degree from American University. He holds the highest score ever on the Arizona Bar exam. Gregory Hague is also the CEO of Mackay University. He taught Law at the Phoenix School of Law and was named as a Professor of the Year. He practiced law with Stinson Morrison Hecker, LLP in Phoenix, Arizona, and founded the Hague Law Group, and Gregory Hague does volunteer work with the Arizona Volunteer Lawyers Program.

The award-winning Gregory Hague began his career in the family real estate business in Cincinnati, but he went on to found his first real estate firm, Heritage House Real Estate. Within one year it was the largest real estate firm in Ohio. When he moved to Arizona, he founded WHY USA on a unique business model. That is when he introduced the $990 commission that today is the 990 Company. His business are based in Arizona with over 100 franchise offices in his network.

He is the author of Real Estate Law Journal, which is published by the Phoenix Bar, and he is the author of How Fathers Change Lives. The book is a collection of short stories about Dads and the influence they have on their children. He was named one of the top 50 Pro Bono attorneys by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, and he named was Attorney of the Month by the Volunteer Lawyers Program.

Mackay University is an online program which teaches up and coming business men and women and entrepreneurs the road to success. There are 30 teaching members at Mackay who meet with the students in a round table format. The teachers are proven business men and entrepreneurs who present videos, books, interviews and more to their students. While other schools charge over $100,000 for the training found at Mackay University, Mr. Hague prices his program at only $990.00. The University has received rave reviews from Donald Trump, Larry King, Shaquille O’Neal and Muhammad Ali to name just a few of its supporters.

Health Care, You and Nobilis Health

Health care is big business, and in sheer size the industry’s worth is measured in the trillions. The industry is growing in leaps and bounds and reinventing itself almost every week. The healthcare industry is made up of large group of services and manufacturers ranging from pharmaceutical companies to the manufacturers of health care equipment, software development, hardware development, research, hospitals, insurance, health spas, doctors, dentists, druggists and many more. 

When we think about health care we think of diagnosis, treatment and services, and these services are what we call primary care. Primary care starts with our doctors and medical professionals. They are the part of the industry that is concerned about our health and well-being. The health care professionals staff the hospitals, clinics and offices that take care of us. They prescribe the medications that the pharmaceutical companies develop through research, and they buy the equipment for their institutions and offices needed for our care. 

Hospitals and clinics often unite to form a health care group. Uniting allows them to keep costs lower, and bring a wider range of services to their patients, and this is called health care management. Health care management companies supervise hundreds of facilities according to cantechletter offering health care financial management, staffing, research and development and facility management. These companies allow the doctors to focus on what is most important, the patient. They remove the day to day concerns of meeting payrolls, and supplying, which allows the health care professional to focus on his patient. 

Health care management companies make it possible to bring specialized services to a group of hospitals or clinics. One very important benefit of this type of health care management is that instead of a specialist working at one facility, he or she has the option to travel throughout the facilities that come under the direction of the health care management group. Patients don’t need to travel because the services come to the facilities close to them. It brings about personalized care, and expertise that otherwise may not be immediately available to a patient. 

Nobilis Health is one such company according to yahoo finance. It provides superior health care in the Houston, Texas area. The leadership at Nobilis is made up of both health care and management professionals who bring superior health care to their patients. Nobilis has over 100 out patient surgical centers in the area, and each offer the cutting-edge technology with the personal care of expert health care specialists to their patients. Nobilis keeps costs low through specialized management techniques. It is able to bring the most advanced and expert medical care to its patients with board certified and most skilled surgeons in the area. These doctors and other health care professionals are free to keep their focus on patient care. 

Nobilis offers specialized practices in spine surgery, pain management, orthopedics, podiatry, general surgery, gastrointestinal and ear, nose and throat treatments. Nobilis brings the best of health care practices to both patients and health care professionals, ensuring you the patient the best possible medical care available.

Charity Takes Center Stage For Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is best known as the head of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, but following the sale of the franchise he is now looking to increase his already extensive array of philanthropic programs. The Atlanta Hawks are now under the ownership of billionaire financial expert Tony Ressler, after failing in a bid to buy the L.A. Clippers Ressler has now taken control of the Hawks franchise in a deal thought to be worth around $830 million. Adding the money from the sale of the Hawks to the $170 million the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise sold for in 2011 shows a tidy profit for Levenson and his colleagues in what was known as the Atlanta Spirit consortium.

In recent years, the name of the Levenson family has become just as famous for the philanthropic programs on ucg.com they have backed as it is for the rise of the Atlanta Hawks to the top of the NBA regular season standings. The mixing of the basketball team and various community programs has been a passion of Bruce Levenson as he played an integral role in the development of the work of the franchise in the Atlanta area. Levenson himself joined the board of the Maryland chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation and looked to assist the NBA in developing its charitable programs as a member of the Board of Governors.

Over the course of the 21st century the work of Bruce Levenson has moved away from the Atlanta Hawks franchise and the UCG company he co-founded in 1977. Instead, Levenson and his wife Karen have looked to find philanthropic programs that are close to their own hearts to improve their status in the U.S. and around the world. One of the most important programs the Levenson family have become involved with is the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which Levenson helped fund the construction of and remains involved with by backing various educational programs. The U.S. Holocaust Museum is seen as important for Bruce and Karen Levenson as the need to keep the tragedy at the forefront of the minds of younger people is often ignored as time passes since World War II.

The need to inspire a new generation of community leaders is something Bruce Levenson holds dear to his heart. Bruce Levenson has been at pains to inspire the students at the University of Maryland to take part in local community projects through the establishment of the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership. Both Bruce and Karen Levenson have been important fund raising advocates and supporters of the new center for both undergraduates and graduate level students.

CCMP Moving Forward Without Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment firm based in New York City. It was founded in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners and served as the private equity and venture capital firm of Chemical Bank. In 1996 it was purchased by Chase Manhattan Bank and took on the Chase name becoming Chase Capital Partners. It was purchased once again in 2000 by JPMorgan. It was spun out from JPMorgan Chase in 2006 and adopted the moniker it is now using. CCMP (Chemical and Chase and JPMorgan Partners).

CCMP’s main focus is leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions. It is ranked number 17 in the World’s largest private equity funds and employees over 50 people between its New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo offices. The company is highly successful on crunchbase and manages investments for large companies such as 1-800-flowers, Quiznos Subs and AMC Entertainment to name a few. Since the beginning of the company back in 1984, CCMP Capital has invested over $16 billion in buyout and growth equity transactions.

Stephen Murray was a founding partner of CCMP, as the head of buyout business at JPMorgan Chase he was involved in CCMP from the moment JPMorgan spun the company out. He served as Chief Executive Officer and through hard work he was able to raise two multibillion-dollar funds. Sadly, in the beginning of 2015 Murray announced that he would be stepping down from his position with the company due to health reasons. Just one month later he passed away at the age of 52.

Greg Brenneman stepped into the role of Chief Executive after Murray left the company. The company hopes to look internally for a permanent CEO for the company. The firm was able to split up Murray’s responsibilities throughout its different offices while it looks for the right person to fit the job.

Madison Street Capital


Recently the top finance professionals have been awarded. It has recognized the co founder and chief operating officer Anthony Marsala who is a top executive at the financial firm of Madison Street Capital. Marsala has established himself as a top professional in corporate finance and has been regarded as among the most talented among those under the age of 40. As a result he is not only a top professional in finance but also one that has a lot of promise for the future. Marsala was able to win his recognition by standing out among over 100 candidates. Since there were so many highly qualified candidates for this award, judges had to choose between a number of extraordinary individuals. Fortunately for Marsala he won the top recognition and this therefore proves that he is a truly distinguished professional.

By demonstrating superior performance in finance, Anthony Marsala has earned himself the most prestigious reputation for the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. With his is visionary approach, expertise and leadership, Anthony Marsala has built his reputation as one of the elite finance professionals in the nation. This award shows that Marsala has reached a considerable level of accomplishment and something he can be very proud of.

Marsala is the co founder of Madison Street Capital along with being its chief operating officer. On a daily basis, Marsala works with a number of businesses in a variety of industries. He is able to oversee a number of deals with clients throughout the entire world. With participation in projects in Europe, Asia and Africa, Marsala has been able to help companies raise capital, better manage their money and also find ways to be more profitable. He has also been able to help companies merge and make themselves larger. His expertise and vision has helped Madison Street Capital establish itself as a leading investment firm in the United States and the world.

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that offers services such as corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and business valuation. With these services, the firm has helped a number of businesses in various sizes get the most out of their financial operations. The firm also assists companies in a variety of industries which include pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, technology, biotech, wholesale distributing, manufacturing and medical devices. As a result, Madison Street Capital is able to help just about any business that exists. What makes Madison Street Capital among the top investment banking firms is its commitment to integrity, professional excellence and leadership in the financial sector. You can find Madison Street Capital on Facebook.

This information was published by the Chicago Tribune

Doe Deere: A Business and Technology Executive You Should Know

Doe Deere has been many things in her life: a Russian mail order bride, a fashion school drop out, a musician, and a cosmetics executive. This is one interesting red-headed lady, who keeps the Internet guessing as to who she really is and what she is really up to. Deere is currently known best for her hot brand of cosmetics, Lime Crime. Deere is married to a musician, her ex-bandmate from the band Sky Salt. The band is no longer together but the couple has found happiness outside of the world of music.

Ideamensch guru Doe Deere finds inspiration for her cosmetics brand Lime Crime in all things whimsical. Unicorns are huge in her world, as are glitter, saturated colors, flowers, macarons, and all things pink and feminine. Fans of the brand adore the spectacle and intrigue of Deere, as well as the beautiful colors of the cosmetics themselves. They are unique in the world of fashion and make-up.

Lime Crime found success because of Deere’s hard work and ingenuity in marketing her products. She is well-known for a Youtube video about making eye shadows, in which she shares some of her secrets for coming up with the ultra-saturated shades. Lime Crime is a mineral make-up that focuses mainly on eye shadows and bright, gorgeous lipsticks in shades that are new and bold. The cute packaging features unicorns and is really youthful and fun. The brand is taking the world by storm little by little, even if Doe Deere is sometimes in the center of controversy for the bold and fearless way that she lives her life.

Deere is known for her love of fashion almost as much as for her gifts as a business executive in the cosmetics industry. Before beginning Lime Crime, Deere had a business selling clothing, mainly dresses, on eBay. She was inspired by the designer Shrinkle in her designs, and the two designers became fast friends. Her ebay business had a following, but she closed it to move on to other pursuits with Lime Crime.

Blogging is a way of life for Deere, as she has been active on LiveJournal and now the blog on Lime Crime’s website, for many years. She finds blogging to be a great way to express her creativity and connect with fans, even if opening herself up in this way can be difficult sometimes due to negative attention. Deere does not care what other people think and lives her life according to her own values, which she often shares with others through blogging. Deere has the grit, determination, business smarts, and vibrant personality necessary to make it big in the tough world of cosmetics.

Addicted To Lime Crime

A innovative makeup line called Lime Crime is making its way into many cosmetic lovers collection. The line consist of lipsticks, eye shadow, lip gloss, and liquid eyeliner. All the shades are very bold and pigmented. The collection was created by a business women named Doe Deere. Miss Deere wants to offer a special kind of makeup line for women that love style and power.

Doe loves putting together shades like peach, blue, and green for a unique color blend. Shocking blue lips is put together with winged lavender eye liner and pink hair to make a vibrant statement. The Lime Crime Velvetine lipsticks have made a splash with customers around the world. Plus there is also a hair dye line with colors like green, shiny grey, and orange to shock and express.

This cosmetic line is not like another I ever seen before in my makeup ventures. It is easy to see why so many people are talking about Doe Deere and her Lime Crime makeup line. The online store had me mesmerized with all the pictures of followers and their creative looks. Everything from rainbow hair to blue lips is featured.

Doe is a former band member and model who came from Russia to start something big in America. At first she was not sure what but then quickly grew more fond of makeup until the idea pop into her head. Lime Crime a cosmetic line for those who love fantasy and fun. Doe always inspires her followers to reach for their dreams and express their emotions with makeup.

Lime Crime is a breakthrough in makeup and will continue to grow in popularity. The unicorn packaging and glitter eye shadows is for the makeup collector as well as artist. Doe is building a name for herself also known as the Unicorn Queen and Xenia feel it is important to create quality cosmetics. Plus Lime Crime is cruelty free.

Loving life and fashion Doe is developing new shades everyday to add to her unique color palette makeup line. If you need a boost in your look and want to try something fun and different you should check out Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe has many blogs within the online store to give ideas about how to put everything together and created your own personal look.

The Grunge Palette features warm pinks and browns and a beautiful case. The fan love section of the store is amazing with a variety of pictures of girls with Lime Crime on. Peach lips, blue and mermaid hair, and really pretty looks. Trendy is an understatement with Lime Crime makeup and hair because it is always on the edge of the next great thing.

This is why fashion goes hand in hand with Lime Crime makeup because once you get into the whole thing it is unlimited where you can go. Every look is special and has a certain sparkle to it. Pastels are big in the line and if your into those kind of colors you will be addicted to Lime Crime makeup.

Doe Deere: A Creative and Imaginative Leader in Business

Not many women have made a name for themselves when it comes to success in business and technology. Men pre-dominantly occupy the executive positions in the business field. The few women who have overcome the gender barrier and risen to these heights have managed to create a buzz and a name for themselves. One such woman is Doe Deere, the brains behind the Lime Crime make up line.

Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, which is 971kilometers Southeast of Moscow, Russia. Her birth name is Kseniya Vorotova; however, she goes by the name Xenia. In pursuit of a bright music career as well as a venture to open her own make-up line, she moved to the United States .In the United States; she joined the Fashion Institute of technology in New York to study fashion and illustration before she dropped out to start her own cosmetic line. Mostly, people know her for her fashion sense and for being an imaginative girly-girl. She is also known for her 80’s-style of disco music and forming a rock band called the Sky Salt alongside her husband.

Away from Music, Doe followed her dream to open up a make-up line known as Lime Crime. She conceptualized this during the summer period of 2008.This was to compliment her desire for cosmetics, which were bright enough to match her colorful imagination. This was a very different idea from the other make-up companies of that time. It is a concept that captivated the customers especially from the loose eye shadows such as Citrus Girl.

Since its conceptualization and formation from scratch in 2008, it has made remarkable strides in growth through Miss Deere’s imaginative and visionary effort. She created a fantasy cosmetic line through following her dream. The company now boasts of a wide variety of offers in its line of focus. This include a wide variety of loose pigments, a whimsical set of paste nail polish, four eye shadow palettes and a selection of glittery lip gloss. This has been a major step by the lime crime company in its efforts of growth in the cosmetics business.

Lime Crime created a lipstick that was bold and colorful. It went away from the norm, spearheaded by its founder to create a brand of lipstick that was not red or pink as people were used to. It brought in new color lipsticks such as blue .This was different from what other companies and consumers were used to purchasing. It was a broad move from the company. Doe is credited for being able to think outside the box. The different array of captivating product her company offers can attest to that. Moreover, the packaging of some of the make up using sparkly unicorns has earned Doe the title Unicorn queen.

Doe is an inspiration to most of her fans and supporters. This is because she started out small and eventually created something big out of her dreams. She is a motivator and has previously given a speech at PHAMexpo in Los Angeles, CA dubbed: “Don’t Quit Your Daydream”. She believes everybody can achieve his or her aspirations and goals. Deere is a true inspiration to businesswomen across the globe.

Doe Deere Is Living Out Her Dream

Everyone has a different dream for what they would like to do with their life, and Doe Deere had many dreams before she settled on forming her own makeup brand. She did not know that that was what she was going to eventually do as she joined a band in New York City. She enjoyed playing for the crowds and making her fans happy, but eventually it was time to move on from that. And that is when she decided that she would like to take the love of color and doing bold things that she has always possessed and use it toward doing something big.
Doe Deere didn’t have much money at all when she formed her makeup brand, but she used what little money she did have to give it a start. And, despite the lack of money, she was able to make the brand become a success. She poured her heart and soul into the brand and what she was doing with it, and it was her passion that drove it to succeed. It was all of the bright and dark colored lipsticks and the glittery makeups that set her apart from other brands. She knew what she had to do in order to make the brand something that would catch on and become popular, and she has become a great entrepreneur in a short time.
Doe Deere of ideamensch.com has always had a great deal of confidence in herself, and in being herself, and she encourages others to have the same and own the look that they create with the makeup items from her brand. She wants the makeup that she has created to help girls to look even more like themselves than they would without it on. She wants them to use it to help to express their personalities instead of just hiding their flaws. She believes that that is what makeup is all about, and she has created her makeup to be something to allow everyone’s individuality to shine through.
Everyone does have a different dream and a different plan for their life, and Doe Deere might not have known what hers was when she was young, but now that she has started living out her dream she is happy to be doing it. She feels that owning a makeup brand is almost too good to be true, and she is very grateful for the chance to do it.